Tips For learning To Play A Musical Instrument

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The idea of Pickingup a new instrument to learn can be intimidating. Luckily there are so many resources available to help you on your journey! Here are some helpful tips that can make learning something new more accessible and achievable.


You’ve all heard the saying “Practice makes perfect”. The reason people say it so frequently is because it is true! Practicing your instrument 30 mins a day everyday, or at the minimum five days a week will make a noticeable difference in your skills. You will become more comfortable playing the instrument, holding it properly, and reading the music. Hearing your progress daily will also boost your confidence and make you want to play even more.

Set Achievable Goals

It is natural to want to be able to play our favorite songs or write music right away, but these things take time. Everyone learns at their own pace, so it is important that the goals you set seem achievable to you and match your pace. It is also important to make sure you set a clear time frame for these goals. For example, you can try to learn two new chords in one week, Practice twice a day for two weeks, or learn to play a beginner-level song in one month.

Form A Band Or Play With A Group

One of the most challenging parts of learning a new instrument avail a piano or bass lessons is building up the courage to play in front of others. The truth is learning to play with a group of supportive and constructive individuals can be motivating and helpful. Playing alone can help you master the basics, but playing with others can help you fine tune your skill. It can help you with your tempo, tuning, and provide you with helpful insight from other musicians who may also be learning

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Take Lessons In Person

When it comes to learning an instrument there are many sources online and in books that are so helpful and can carry you a long way, but taking in person lessons are invaluable to this skill. You may have the jitters as mentioned above when playing for someone else, but music teachers are there to help you and encourage you on your journey. They can provide you with live constructive feedback that you can’t get from the internet, such as finger placement adjustments, tips on tuning your instrument that may be affecting your playing, or basic troubleshooting help. If you are serious about learning to play your instrument and have access to physical lessons this investment will pay off tenfold. 

Many  of these tips may seem self evident, but in this case simpler is truer. The best thing you can do while learning a new skill is investing time into your education. The more time you dedicate to learning, the more you will get out of your new instrument. If you are in the Philadelphia area and would like to begin taking music lessons give us a call and your first lesson will be free- (215) 844-7295.