With the decline of non-electronic musical genres over the past twenty years, our mission to reinvigorate interest in Guitar, Bass, Drums, Voice, and Piano is more relevant than ever.
Bass Guitar Piano Lesson in Philadelphia, PA



Students of all ages learn to play as bands with group music lessons and their instruments of choice in Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Ambler, Villanova, and the surrounding communities in the Pennsylvania area.

Music has a powerful influence on young and old, and the power of music can change your emotions, your day, and even your life. There is just something about being inside rock bands that changes everything. If you don’t have the time and energy to form a rock band organically, Rawk U School of Music can help. The program offered at Rawk U School of Music caters to music students of all ages and will match you with musicians that share your interests and skill level. Students learn to play together to jam in a rock band setting, and Rawk U School of Music will show you the ropes.

CAMP 1: Rock Recording 101

$450 per student

learn how to make music in the box

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to write and record your own rock song that you could share with the world? Make your dreams a reality with Rawk U’s Rock Recording 101 summer program. In this program, we will cover the basics of audio recording, while learning how to write music in a collaborative rock band setting.

Students will get hands on experience with:

  • Digital audio recording – Learning the fundamentals of how to record tracks into a digital audio workspace (DAW) such as Garageband.

  • Songwriting – Understanding the formulaic process of writing a fully arranged rock song

  • Collaborative creative workshops – Students will work as a team to incorporate each other’s ideas and create an original rock song as a band.

Within 5 days, students of the class will walk out with a fully produced original song they created and performed on. This is a great program for those who want to get their start in song production, and starting their own band. Sign up now and hear your very own song recorded and produced

July 24TH-28TH - AND - Aug 14TH-18TH


$450 per student

Students learn how to play with other musicians

The Rawk U performance camp is an all in one program that teaches you all you need to know to perform a rock show. During this one week long 5 day class, each session will go over both individual tutorials on how to play rock songs, as well as group rehearsals to get the chance to play in a full rock group. 
  • Learn rock techniques on your instrument and start to master rock concepts and styles in one on one and group lessons
  • Full band rehearsals for popular rock songs with your peers as bandmates
  • Perform a real rock concert at the end of the week for your family and friends.
  • Get connected with other musicians and potential future bandmates!
This is a great opportunity for those with a passion to perform and experience the world of rock music. If you are interested in becoming a rock musician who understands the ins and outs of putting on a concert, the Rawk U summer performance program might be exactly what you’re looking for. Join today and start your rock and roll journey. 

Jul 17TH-21ST - AND - Aug 7TH-11TH

Bass Guitar Piano Lesson in Philadelphia, PA