Student Referral

At Rawk U, our top rated instructors provide quality in person
and online lessons for aspiring musicians to reach all skill levels.

Rawk U School of Music Sign Up



– Completed flyers must be scanned or mailed as above.
– Both sections of the form must be filled out to receive a prize.
– Your friend will need to get in touch with us to book lessons for you to get a prize.
– You receive one voucher for every friend that signs up for lessons and you may sign up as many friends as you like.
– Coming in for a free trial lesson does not count as signing up.
– Signing up for regular lessons does.
– Your voucher will be mailed to the address you’ve provided on your ‘sign up a friend’ flyer.
– Vouchers will not be given out unless a ‘sign up a friend’ flyer has been received before the student signs up for lessons