Our Testimonials

We’d love to show you why we’re so excited to share our love of music with you! Check out what parents and students are saying about us!

“We’ve been going to RawkU for 3 and a half years now. My teenage son has transformed into an impressive musician under Dan’s instruction in that time, and has really found a passion for guitar. Dan has offered numerous opportunities to perform along with other young musicians and in public venues, and teaches based on my son’s interests, but also teaches music theory. Recently I also started taking voice lessons with the vocal coach, Becka, and have already seen improvement in just a few lessons. We love RawkU!”

- Diana C.

I started taking vocal lessons with Becka a couple of months ago and they’ve been going great. She’s a very talented, encouraging, and knowledgeable teacher and seems to really know what she’s talking about. Highly recommended. 

- Todd K.

“I signed my daughter (age 13) up for drum lessons about a year ago and after a couple of weeks I started taking guitar lessons myself (age 42). Both of me and my daughter are still learning a lot and having fun. We even got a chance to perform together at a school show. Daniel and his staff are great. Would recommend Rawk U to anyone at any age looking to learn and play!”

- Dave K.

Highly recommend Rawk U! My seven year old son has been attending lessons for almost a year and loves it. As a musician myself, I appreciate that my son is learning the rudiments and still gets time for the “fun” drum set music. Would highly recommend Rawk U to any budding musician!

- Megan N.

Thanks go to Rawk U for providing the best guitar lessons! My daughter has learned so much in the four years she has been taking lessons and it’s been great to watch her progression from chords to rock songs. A huge shout out to Dan for being an excellent teacher – he’s encouraging, patient, talented and motivates my daughter to learn. Overall a great experience and I would recommend Dan and Rawk U to anyone interested in taking guitar lessons.

- Kevin B.



Here at Rawk U School of music, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of music. We
truly believe that journey can start at any age.


Modern life has given us a variety of ways we can educate ourselves musically. Studying
music one on one or in a group lesson with a trained instructor who has a “roadmap” is
still the best way in our opinion.

Being a teacher is an essential connection between what is and what can be. We know
each student has different ways that they process information. Our instructors take that
into account and craft lesson plans that meet each student’s individual needs.

Whether online or in person, our instructors and teaching methods get results. After
years and years of experience, we know how to take a student from zero to hero in a
relatively short time. All of our instructors have the two most important virtues that any
teacher can possess, patience and passion.


We’d love to show you why we’re so excited to share our love of music with you!