Rules We Play By

Your growth as a musician is something we take seriously.



  • Rawk U School of Music accepts students ages seven and up.
  • Lessons are paid for in advance on a monthly basis.(every four or five weeks depending on the month)
  • To remain an active student payment must be received each month. Makeup lessons are issued for legitimate missed lessons, and can be carried forward, but payment is due every four or five weeks regardless.
  • Students may cancel and reschedule a lesson without penalty as long as twenty four hour notice is given to the school. If twenty four hour notification is not given the student will be charged for the missed lesson.
  • Students may accrue up to five makeup lessons per calendar year.
  • Makeup lessons cannot be applied to the cost of tuition for the next month
  • If a student stops paying monthly tuition, all unused makeup lessons become void.
  • Refunds cannot be given after the first lesson of the month has been given.
  • A $25 fee will be charged on returned checks.
  • Payment by check is preferred. Please no post dating of checks.