About Us

Here at Rawk U School of music, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of music.

We truly believe that journey can start at any age.

Bass Guitar Lesson in Philadelphia, PA
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Rawk U School of music was founded by Daniel Cullen. The main point of starting the
school was to give back and share his passion about guitar playing in general and music
education specifically with other people.

The school started with Daniel as the sole teacher. In the beginning, only guitar lessons
were available. Pretty soon we realized, why not expand to offer more instrumental
lessons. Soon enough, Daniel brought other teachers on board.

Currently, Rawk U offers lessons for Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, and Voice. We also have a thriving Rock band class program that is available to both kids and

In the near future, we plan to start a fully online music school and offer all of our current brick and mortar services to people everywhere. We also plan to expand our programs into local schools both public and private. In order to continue giving back, plans for a non-profit charitable organization are in the works as well that has the goal of putting money and instruments back in the hands of underserved neighborhoods and communities in the city of Philadelphia.


The joy of music is truly a gift. Our instructors will assist you with whatever goals you may have and get you one step closer to being a well rounded musician.