Our Teachers

Being a teacher is an essential connection between what is and what can be. We know each student has different ways that they process information. Our instructors take that into account and craft lesson plans that meet each student’s individual needs.


Guitar Teacher / Founder

Daniel founded Rawk U in 2010. The germination of the idea for Rawk U started a few years earlier in 2008. After working for several music schools in the area, he decided to form his own school and stamp it with his own unique brand of teaching and personality.

Daniel believes that students come into lessons for different reasons and with various goals. Some students come in with no preconceived goals or expectations at all. Daniel likes to get to know each student well and figure out what will take that particular student as far as they would personally like to go. Each student is truly unique and the same exact lesson plan cannot be used for each student.

Daniel plays with local blues band, Mourning in the Morning. He has also played with The Hokkaido Concern and Chiaki in the past. Daniel studied at Berklee College of Music In Boston as well as at the Univ of Delaware where he completed a minor in classical guitar. He can take a beginning student fresh out of the gate and mold him or her into a well rounded musician in a matter of a few short years.

David Pearl

Drummer / Piano Teacher

David Pearl is an artist, musician, educator, and mentor. He is an old soul with fresh ideas. David is a drummer and pianist in Philadelphia who has played with a variety of artists across the country. He studied music performance at the University of the Arts and has a Bachelors Degree in psychology from Temple University. David continued his education in clinical and counseling psychology at postgraduate level. With a background in special education, behavioral health and Music Education, David understands that each student has a unique learning process and learning style and should be taught accordingly.

David began his piano studies at age five and continued to expand his musical craftsmanship as he started playing drums at age twelve. As a professional musician David strives to regularly strengthen his relationship to himself and his connection to others through music. David sees music as a personal meditation and an ongoing communal activity that brings people together through healthy communication and collaboration. In order to reach these goals, he stresses the importance of mastery of the instrument in order to articulate musical ideas clearly. Additionally, he values the virtue of sharing his original music with the world in order to enrich and inspire other to create and collaborate and to ultimately unite people.

With over twenty years of teaching experience , David understands that the art of teaching constantly clarifies and reinforces his knowledge and awareness of music. Every time he teaches a student a concept in music, he attempts to explain the concept in a variety of ways depending on the student’s learning style, which consequently helps him to clarify his overall understanding of musicianship.


Piano Teacher

Falling in love with music from a young age, from watching the progression of her mother's piano students, Hsiao-Han (Alice) received her Bachelor's in Piano Performance from the National Taipei University of Education. A recent graduate of Temple University in Piano Performance, and Collaborative Piano & Chamber Music with Ching-Yun Hu and Lambert Orkis respectively. Besides performing and teaching, Hsiao- Han (Alice) has been assisting renowned pianist Ching-Yun Hu since 2018 mainly as a project manager for the Philadelphia Young Pianists’ Academy (PYPA) Piano Festival. She is currently active in the Greater Philadelphia Area as a collaborative pianist, educator, and administrator.

Becka Lundy

Voice Teacher

Becka Lundy is a classically trained singer and vocal teacher with a twist. She began writing songs and lyrics as a young child, performing them in her living room for her supportive parents. In high school she entered the world of competitive choir, auditioning for and performing with state, regional, and national level choirs. Becka’s decision to major in vocal performance brought her around the country for auditions before she finally settled down in Philly, where she began to combine her passion for singing with her love for punk music. Her goal is to empower students of all ages to express themselves and follow their dreams.

Becka received her bachelor’s degree in Vocal Performance from Temple University’s Boyer College of Music in May 2017, graduating with Honors and a high GPA. At school, she studied classical voice and opera, performing in Temple Opera Theaters as well as Temple’s most selective choirs. With Temple Choirs she toured to Portland OR, Boston MA, and Pittsburgh PA. While at school, she started her first band, acoustic duet Space Cadets. Her sophomore year of college she and her best friend Thor Speeler wrote and recorded Space Cadets’ twelve-track album “It Is A Test” in Becka’s dorm room. Space Cadets grew to become four-piece psych-pop punk band Flamingo Chicks, whose debut EP has been reviewed by The Deli magazine as well as XPN’s The Key. Flamingo Chicks performs regularly in Philly and New Jersey and recently travelled to Washington, DC with popular band Shout Out Louds. Becka has also written, arranged, recorded, and performed with several other Philadelphia bands, most notably arranging and singing backup vocals on Echo Lad’s debut self-titled album and singing backup in local project Xoul Kool and Friends.

Becka’s extensive experience with both classical and punk music give her an exciting perspective as a teacher. She brings a comprehensive understanding of music theory, vocal technique, songwriting, rehearsal skills, and rock star energy to her students. Whatever your goals are vocally, Becka has the knowledge to help you meet them. Becka knows that by working hard and staying true to yourself, you CAN be a rock star!”

Nick Markellos

Drum Teacher

"Nick is a percussionist from Chester County Pennsylvania. He graduated from West Chester University in January of 2019 where he studied classical percussion with Ralph Sorrentino and David Nelson. While there, he also performed with a few jazz combos and continued to work on his drumset chops. Nick is also actively involved with drum corps in marching percussion, currently teaching Pottstown High School's drumline and most recently performing with the Hawthorne Caballeros."



Here at Rawk U School of music, we aim to inspire a lifelong love of music. We truly believe that journey can start at any age. Modern life has given us a variety of ways we can educate ourselves musically. Studying music one on one or in a group lesson with a trained instructor who has a “roadmap” is still the best way in our opinion.

Being a teacher is an essential connection between what is and what can be. We know each student has different ways that they process information. Our instructors take that into account and craft lesson plans that meet each student’s individual needs.

Whether online or in person, our instructors and teaching methods get results. After years and years of experience, we know how to take a student from zero to hero in a relatively short time. All of our instructors have the two most important virtues that any teacher can possess, patience and passion.

We’d love to show you why we’re so excited to share our love of music with you!