Introduction To Drum Lessons

Drum Lessons in Philadelphia

At Rawk U School of Music, we love to help newcomers to drumming get on the way to reaching their full potential and helping drummers with some experience perfect their craft. Rawk U School of Music in Philadelphia, PA, only provides quality drum lessons for our students, and we offer both in-person and online sessions. We also service Bryn Mawr, Ambler, Villanova, and the surrounding areas.

If you are interested in committing to drum lessons, like with any instrument, there is a level of commitment you should expect. To help you get ahead of your lessons, we will discuss some best practices before taking your first drum lesson at Rawk U School of Music.


When learning any instrument, it is best to plan on a set schedule for lessons and practice. You know what schedule works best for you, but consistency is key. For example, if you can practice half an hour a day, you may find the practice more helpful than practicing 1 hour every other day. As you progress in your training, you’ll learn what training practices work best for you.

Additionally, be sure to set achievable goals. Don’t get ahead of yourself and expect to be an expert immediately. With regular practice, you will develop your skills on your own timeline. Rawk U School of Music is only here to help guide you and improve your skills.


When you have found a place to practice, be sure you are practicing proper form, including your seating position, to prevent extra strain on your body. Most drummers prefer their drums slightly heightened above them so they can comfortably place their legs on the pedals while playing while producing optimal sound.


Metronomes are not unique to drumming. Many musicians rely on the metronome to stay in sync. If you train yourself with a metronome, you can develop a natural rhythm to keep you on tempo.

Start With the Basics

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Start with the foundation you need to make sure you can properly learn your drumming skills such as holding and working with your drumsticks properly. Start with basic beats and work your way up. This way, you will build coordination and technique. Learning drum sheets is also a great step in developing your abilities. Once you can do this, you can pick up on new music that much faster. You won’t have to watch videos online anymore, as you will be able to pick up any drum score and start playing. 

Contact Rawk U School of Music

Rawk U services many locations across Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr, Ambler, Villanova, and the surrounding areas. Learning to play the drums is not a small undertaking, but Rawk U School of Music is here to support you through the process and help you reach your maximum potential. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to hone your skills, contact Rawk U today to set up lessons in person or online and we will help you become a skilled drummer!