Practicing Tips For Your New Instrument And Music Lessons

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The idea of learning a new instrument or musical trade can be overwhelming for some. It can present you with many challenges if you have never played an instrument before. Sometimes it can be difficult to start but if you are committed to learning then anything is possible! The number one reason people are not able to learn an instrument is because they get frustrated or burnt out and quit before they can achieve their goals. By sticking with it and practicing on your own you are facing the most difficult part of it all. Here are some tips to make sure your practice time is productive and you get the most out of your new instrument.

Eliminate Distractions 

Just like everything else in life, distractions can pull us away from what is important to us. Create a space for yourself that is conducive to learning your new skill. Turn off notifications on your phone and head to an area of your home where you can be undisturbed. This will allow you to put all of your energy into your practice for a dedicated period of time.

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Stick To A Schedule

It is very easy to say you don’t have the time to practice and spend your time less productively- like scrolling through social media or watching tv. Instead of watching two episodes of your favorite television show, watch one episode and spend the time of the second practicing your instrument. It does not have to be a lot of time, just enough for you to be playing consistently and will keep your memory fresh. When you avoid practicing throughout the week you are creating the possibility that you may need to relearn techniques, and can get discouraged and feel like you aren’t making progress. With a little bit of dedication you can make great strides in your learning experience between your music lessons.

Keep Notes

Sometimes when you go into the music lesson school you can forget what things were giving you trouble when you were on your own. Take notes and bring them with you so your instructor can assist you with the challenges you are facing. It can be beneficial to take notes of the areas you are excelling in as well. This can boost your confidence and allow you to spend your time with your instructor focusing on learning new and exciting material. Once you are learning topics that are exciting to you, you are bound to make huge strides in your musical development.

Be Kind To Yourself

Many times we focus on the challenges we are facing and think you are not getting good at your instrument. Always remember that learning music takes time as well as practice. Rather than putting yourself down and making the process of learning feel hurtful, be kind to yourself, and know that great things come with time.
Whether you are already taking music lessons or are interested in starting from scratch, RawkU School of Music can help you learn and provide you with the right tools for success. Contact us today to schedule your first lesson and get started learning the musical instrument of your dreams.