Music Lessons Versus Teaching Yourself

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When you are ready to learn guitar, bass, vocals, or any other sort of musical skill you may feel like you want to teach yourself. Everyone has a different learning style, and for some people this option may be just what they need, but taking musical lessons with a knowledgeable and talented instructor can be invaluable when weighed against the benefits you can receive. Let’s consider a few of the many pros to taking music lessons with a instructor.

Constant Feedback And Assistance

When you are playing for yourself it might be difficult to figure out how you need to improve or make useful adjustments on your own. When you are learning with an instructor, they have ample experience and education that allows them to offer useful and constructive feedback. An instructor can provide you with practical advice that may even make things you are struggling with- such as finger placement, breathwork, or coordination- easier for you in a way you may not have considered before.

Music Lessons

Overcome Obstacles And Problems

There are times when you are learning new skills that you are going to get stuck and feel frustrated. This is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of- it happens to everyone! When you are learning on your own this may discourage you to the point of quitting or taking a long break which can cause you to backtrack on the progress you have made. Instructors are there to help you get past these bumps in the road and ultimately make your learning experience less stressful and more productive.

Motivation And Accountability

Self-motivation is not a skill that everyone has. Though its great to be self motivated, sometimes life can get in the way and cause you to take a step away from your playing. When you are taking music lessons, these are scheduled, regular sessions that essentially help you practice. Just having your regularly scheduled appointment for your lesson may motivate you to make time to practice more in order to get the most out of your lessons and learn new skills quicker. 

Personalized Structure That Will Benefit You

Learning speed and ability is unique to every single person. When learning at home, you may zoom through your chords thinking you know them all well enough and don’t need to dedicate extra time to them, but when you’re with an instructor they have the experience to know what is more useful to dedicate time to and what you can revisit down the road. A gifted instructor will take your learning ability into consideration and create a plan for you to learn in a way that will keep you playing and progressing for years to come. 

Even if you are unable to dedicate the time or resources to frequent lessons, practicing on your own with less frequent music lesson appointments may be just what you need to keep you progressing. Everyone who is interested in learning a musical skill can benefit from lessons with one of our talented instructors at Rawk U School of Music. We stand by this statement so much that we will give you your first lesson for free! Call us today and get started.