Rawk U School of Music Announces Guitar Lessons in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Bass Guitar Lessons in Bryn Mawr

Rawk U School of Music, a renowned school, organizes beginner guitar lessons for kids and adults in the Philadelphia area.

Are you or your kid passionate about learning guitar? This might be the right opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Rawk U School of Music, a reputable school of music based in the Philadelphia area is happy to announce the commencement of guitar lessons organized to help both kids and adults master the art of playing the instrument in a conductive environment.

Rawk U School of Music boasts of a strong team of instructors with experience cutting across various aspects of music, such as guitar, voice training, and drum and piano. The beginner guitar lessons, which can either be offered in person or online, provide you with hands-on experience to become a professional guitarist in a matter of weeks. The school of music teaches acoustic guitar lessons, classical guitar lessons, and electrical guitar lessons so you can learn to play guitar with confidence. 

How Do The Guitar Lessons Work?

Students can sign up for guitar lessons at Rawk U School of Music in person or enjoy great guitar lessons online. After the enrollment process, you will get right to work playing your favorite songs. This helps keep your interest high and encourages you to learn to play the instrument faster. You will popular songs that you know and love, and will be expected to master a favorite song within the first three months. Online guitar lessons are perfect for busy adults. Rawk U School of Music also offers one on one guitar learning, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of playing guitar in your free time.

What Are The Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons?

Beyond the actual excitement of learning to play the guitar, taking guitar lessons can have many positive impacts on your life. Here are some of the top benefits of taking the guitar lesson:

Guitar Lessons Boost Confidence

Guitar lessons, although promising to be fun and interesting, requires serious hard work. With Rawk U School of Music, every student is guaranteed a smooth learning experience leading to an increase in confidence not just as a guitar player but in all aspects of life.

It Encourages Creativity

At the beginning of guitar lessons, students are taught the basic mechanics of the instrument, song structure and the technical details of each kind of music created by the guitar. Once this phase is successfully completed, you can start experimenting with writing melodies, songs and chord progressions.

Are you ready to take advantage of Rawk U School of Music’s guitar lessons to improve your skills and become a better guitarist?

Rawk U School of music was founded by Daniel Cullen. The main point of starting the school was to give back and share his passion about guitar playing in general and music education.

The school started with Daniel as the sole teacher. In the beginning, only guitar lessons were available. Pretty soon we realized, why not expand to offer more instrumental lessons. Soon enough, Daniel brought other teachers on board.

Currently, Rawk U School of Music offers lessons for Guitar, Piano, Drums, Bass, and Voice. We also have a thriving Rock band class program that is available to both kids and adults.

If you have any questions or need more info about any of our lessons call us today at (215) 844- 7295 or email us at daniel@rawku.com.