Guitar Tips for Beginners from Guitar Lessons Instructors

Guitar Lessons in Philadelphia, PA

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world for people to learn. Here at Rawk U in Philadelphia, PA, we know exactly what it takes to get you started if you’re a beginner or help you master your craft if you are more experienced. Here, we will discuss some tips for beginners who are just getting started in guitar lessons in Philadelphia, PA.

Take Your Time

When learning the basics, remember not to rush. You may be tempted to start playing many chords right away, but ideally you want to learn chords slowly and one at a time, trying to perfect each chord as you go. Once you know a few chords well, try slowly shifting between them and learn the technique for that as well.

Looking At Your Hands

When getting started, it can be tempting to look at your hands. Try your best to avoid this habit of constantly looking at them. You may need to look at your hands when changing chords as you get started, but try to avoid constant looking. Looking away will help you develop muscle memory and a feel for where your hands need to be, as opposed to relying on your eyes. Once you have started developing a feel for the chords, it can even be helpful to close your eyes while playing.

Advancing To More Difficult Chords

Once you have learned a few chords, it can be fun to practice those chords and stick to just them, but this will not move your learning process along. Once you feel comfortable with a chord, you know it’s time to try a new one. If you want an advanced and unique sound, you want to make sure you have a variety of chords ready to go.

Get On Your Feet

Most guitar players stand while they are playing, so you will want to get into this habit early on in your learning process. Standing up also helps you remember not to look at your hands since it is harder to look at your hands while standing. 

Starter Strings

You may want to consider starting your guitar journey with thinner than normal strings. This can help you avoid hurting your fingers as you start to learn. This is because these thinner strings require less hand strength to hold the chords. As you play more your fingers will become more calloused and you can move to thicker strings as you develop.

Hold The Guitar Properly

You want to start off holding your guitar properly, so it’s committed to memory. 

  • Balance the bottom of the guitar on your thigh.
  • Angle the neck of the guitar up at a 45-degree angle.
  • Use your elbow to support the body and hold it tight to your body.
  • Hold the neck between your thumb and forefinger.
  • If standing, be sure to use a proper adjustable guitar strap.

Rawk U

If you’re ready to get started with your guitar lessons in Philadelphia, PA, it may be time to reach out to Rawk U School of Music.  Our teachers are excited to get you started and committed to teaching you all the proper methods of playing. Contact us today if you are ready to get started!