What You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Drum Set

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Going to a music store can be very exciting especially if someone already knows what they want. All they have to do is go straight to that section and figure out the best one. Looking for a drum set can be quite confusing for a buyer especially if it’s their first time. They have so many questions that need to be answered before making a purchase. They need to know what the price is, the sound quality, the pieces that come with it, and the accessories they need to buy to go along with the drum set.

1. Price

When going into the music store, have a budget set in mind. Look at the price of each drum set and see which one matches that price range. Drum sets usually cost around three hundred dollars on the low side and can go up to a thousand dollars or even higher. A buyer needs to make sure that they are getting the best value. A drum set that costs lower than three hundred dollars may not be worth purchasing.

2. Sound Quality

Start playing the drums inside the store. When people are looking to buy a drum set for the first time, they want to hear how the drums sound. Try playing with the set and see if the sound has great quality. People can do that with each drum to see if they sound different or relatively the same.

3. Pieces

Make sure that all the pieces are included with the drum set. The drum sets that are out in the store are only for display and so people can sit and get a feel for the music. The drum set they will be taking home will be in a box. Before buying the drum set you want, open the box up and make sure it comes with everything. The buyer should see a bass drum, snare drum, crash cymbal, ride cymbal, a tom rack, a hi-hat, and a floor tom.

4. Accessories

As the person is putting everything back in the box once they made sure that everything is in there, then it is the time to start looking at accessories. Drum sticks may or may not be included in the final price of the drum set. It’s good to ask the sales associate since all stores are different. Drums are too big for cases, but they may have a specific cover that can be tossed over the set when it’s not in use. Sheet music is also a great accessory to buy but purchase something for beginners. Music stores may sell chairs for the player to sit on while they’re making music.

Playing the drums may be a hobby for someone to fulfill or it may be a high schooler looking to practice for band class. Whatever the case may be, there is a right drum set out there for the right person, but they have to find it. As long as they pay attention to the price, sound quality, pieces that go with the instrument, and accessories, then they will leave very happy with their instrument of choice.