Drum Lessons 101: Tips for Beginners

Drum Lessons in Ambler PA​

The idea of learning how to play the drums can be overwhelming for beginners. Drumming requires a lot of coordination since it requires the use of both hands and feet, and steady rhythm. These things might seem like they cannot be learned and should be inherent, but with consistent practice you can learn to be great at the drums! Taking lessons like what we offer at RawkU can drastically speed up the learning process. Having an instructor can give you first hand insight and tips to make the learning process flow more smoothly. It also allows you to have someone who can help you with anything you may be struggling with rather than try to figure things out on your own. Here are some tips to help you focus on some of the more important aspects in the early stages of learning how to play the drums.

Use A Metronome

When focusing on their role in a band, drums are super important. They are used to set the rhythm and make sure everyone is playing at the proper speed. If you are just starting out it may benefit you to practice and learn with the help of a metronome. A metronome can help you really master playing the drums with perfect rhythm and maintain consistency. You can always start with a slower rhythm and increase the speed on the metronome to play faster.

Practice Good Hand And Foot Positions

The way you hold your drumsticks can make a big difference when you are playing. Having a comfortable grip will make it easier for you to play longer without feeling any discomfort. It is also important to consider how tightly you are gripping your drumsticks. Your drums will reverberate based on how you grip the drumsticks, so having a grip that is not too tight and not too loose can increase the sound quality of your drumming. 

The positioning of your heel can affect your drumming, and should be chosen based on your comfort level. Some drummers prefer a heel up position, while others choose to keep their heel down. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but ultimately you should always try to be most comfortable and use the technique you feel benefits your style of drumming the most.

Consistent Practice

Practice is one of the most important aspects to learning a musical instrument, and drumming is no different. Consistent practice can help you to be more consistent with your drum rhythm, and allow you to rely more on muscle memory when you are playing. Drumming really puts your muscles to work, so practice can give those muscles the workout they need to become more comfortable in the playing position over time.

It is only natural to want to be able to play the best songs and rhythms right away when learning an instrument. Just remember that these skills take time to develop, and it is important to master the basics before you start playing more complex pieces of music. Most importantly, you should always be kind to yourself during the learning process. Everyone starts at a beginner level, and with consistent practice you will only get better. If you are ready to start playing the drums, contact us at RawkU and start your drum lessons with us now!