How Hard Is It To Learn The Piano?

Piano Lessons in Bryn Mawr PA

Almost everyone has the same question when thinking about whether the piano is right for them. Is it really that hard to learn how to play the piano? The answer is both yes and no. Learning any new skill requires time and commitment, but several factors can determine a student’s success. While you can learn to play a piano by yourself, you can hire a piano instructor to make learning more fun and easy. Consider taking piano lessons at Rawk U to get on your way to becoming a piano expert.


With the help of a piano instructor, you can learn how to play the piano correctly until you master the skill. Piano instructors have years of training and experience, making them qualified to teach students. A real piano expert may have also received certifications from respected musical organizations, agencies, schools, and universities. Aspiring piano learners can take piano lessons at Rawk U and learn how to play one of the most popular musical instruments. 


Below are some things that can help learning how to play the piano easier.


Prior Experience with Other Instruments

Of course, the steel strings on an electric guitar and the keys on a piano aren’t the same. But if students have a general knowledge of chords, notes, and other aspects of music theory, they will see how it applies to this instrument. Experienced students will need less time figuring the time signature or tempo if they’ve already mastered this with a different instrument.

This doesn’t mean it is impossible! Everyone has a starting point, and the guitar or piano is just as good as any other musical instrument! For instance, a standard guitar or piano is a beneficial starter instrument for both children and adults. Consider the vocalist trying to hit the right notes using basic techniques. It is an easy way to help the singer master the notes.


Practicing with a Positive Mindset

Instant gratification has become the norm for modern society. This standard does not apply to any type of education, including music. Nothing teaches patience quite like picking up a new instrument! Students should keep this in mind when they start learning how to play any instrument. It’s important for new learners, both young and old, to have realistic expectations for themselves. 


Though many want to dive right into playing their favorite songs, be prepared to start simple. The learning process can be gradual and slow but right to aim for perfection. Instead of the latest hits, students will often start with simple scales and beginner songs such as “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star.” It’s even more frustrating when these simple pieces take weeks to learn! Remember, progress didn’t happen overnight for Beethoven.

Creating a practice schedule outside of scheduled lessons will help with both memory and technique. These lessons provide the tools needed to learn, but no one can learn until practice, practice, and practice some more!


Finding a Good Teacher

When deciding to play an instrument, parents and students may be tempted to choose online courses. It’s the future, and there are so many free resources online. But unfortunately, these resources have a few downsides. For example, who is going to point out one’s technique is off? Maybe the student is holding a note too long, or even their posture isn’t ideal. Having an actual teacher or piano instructor present allows the student to receive real-time feedback and ask questions as they arise. 

When children or adults begin to learn how to play a musical instrument, they develop not just that skillset, but many others. In fact, learning how to play a musical instrument can even help children with their math scores! That’s because it’s essentially melodic math. 


By learning music and how to play musical instruments with a teacher, it will ensure that students have the tools they need to read sheet music and play proper scales. They’ll have an understanding of these theories and how music concepts apply to a specific instrument, proper pedal techniques, patience, and so much more! So, what are you waiting for? Book Your Piano Lesson today!