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Ready to begin playing guitar? Rawk U offers professional and fun beginner guitar lessons, adult guitar lessons, and guitar lessons for kids either with in person or online guitar lessons.
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Beginner guitar lessons, adult guitar lessons, and guitar lessons for kids are available in Bryn Mawr, Ambler, Villanova, and the surrounding communities in the Pennsylvania area.

Do you love music? There is nothing like being able to play music yourself, and the guitar is the perfect instrument to start a musical journey with. Whether you want to play country, jazz, rock, blues, or other genre, the guitar is one of the most versatile instruments in the world to play. Guitar lessons in person or online guitar lessons offer you a hands-on experience and you can learn how to play guitar with ease. Rawk U School of Music teaches acoustic guitar lessons in Plymouth Meeting, PA, classical guitar lessons, and electric guitar lessons so that you can learn to play guitar in the most appealing way for you. Learn how to play the music you want to play, with beginner guitar lessons and guitar lessons for kids.


Beginner guitar lessons are offered at Rawk U School of Music, and this is a great way to understand guitar techniques and skills, and the fretboard itself. Guitar lessons for kids will use the Mel Bay lesson book series. Students who begin guitar training will do the following:

● Understand rhythm concepts
● Use standard notation reading
● Learn guitar chords
● Learn guitar scales
● Learn popular and favorite songs
● Learn music theory

Take a guitar lesson at Rawk U School of Music and you can impress your friends and family as you learn to play guitar, whether you are in person or have the best guitar lessons online.



When adults go to Rawk U School of Music for in person or online guitar lessons, they get right to work playing their favorite songs. This keeps the interest high and adults can learn to play the guitar faster. Guitar lessons will have adults playing popular songs they know and love, and they should be able to master a favorite song within the first 3 months. Guitar lessons online are a great option for busy adults, or we also offer one on one guitar learning.



At Rawk U School of Music, guitar lessons can be in person or you can enjoy the best guitar lessons online. Whether you are signing up for guitar lessons for kids, beginners guitar lessons, or adult lessons, Rawk U School of Music can accommodate your needs. Your knowledgeable guitar instructor will teach you for a half hour or an hour long lesson, and you will easily learn how to play guitar. Rawk U School of Music will provide a quality guitar instructor that will keep you motivated, keep you interested, and help you enjoy music more than you ever thought possible.




Whether you are interested in acoustic guitar lessons or electric guitar lessons, Rawk U School of Music is ready to teach you guitar lessons that will help you start to learn to play guitar. Learn basic chords, riffs, style, skills, and technique from a professional guitar instructor who can set you up to successfully strumming all of your favorite songs. In person and online guitar lessons can take each student as far as he or she wants to go. Learn to play guitar at Rawk U School of Music and you will have stellar guitar instruction so that you can learn guitar scales and learn guitar chords. Whether in person or through guitar lessons online, you will enjoy a personalized experience with access to guitar instructors and musicians who truly want you to learn to play one of the world’s greatest instruments.

If you have any questions or need more info about any of our lessons call us today at (215) 844-7295 or email us at

About The City of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania


Plymouth Meeting is a census-designated place (CDP) that straddles Plymouth and Whitemarsh Townships in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States. The town is home to the Plymouth Meeting Mall, which has AMC Theatres adjacent to it, as well as dining and entertainment spots.



Map of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

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