Drum Lessons in
Plymouth Meeting, PA

At Rawk U, our top rated drum instructors provide quality in person and online drum lessons for aspiring drummer students to reach all skill levels.
Drum Lessons in Ambler PA​
Drum Lessons in Ambler PA​



Whether you are a beginner, child, or adult, our drum lessons will help you develop your drumming technique in Bryn Mawr, Ambler, Villanova, and the surrounding communities in the Pennsylvania area.

Every little child dreams of pounding on the drums like a true rock and roll star. At Rawk U School of Music, your little drummer can enjoy drum lessons with a drums teacher who will have him or her rocking the drum kit in no time. The Rawk U School of Music also offers drum lessons for adults, so if you have always harbored a secret desire to be the next drummer of a big time band, they’ve got you covered with traditional drum lessons or online drum lessons. Learn how to play drums like a pro with drum lessons from Rawk U School of Music, and the sky’s the limit.


Your drums tutor will take special time and care with beginner drum lessons in Plymouth Meeting, PA and focus on the rudimentary skills needed to help you learn to be a quality drummer down the road. These drum lessons will focus on the following:

● How to learn drum beats
● How to use drum fills
● How to understand the basics of drum notation
● Concentration on the snare drum and symbol
● Learn how to play your favorite songs
● Understanding how to protect your hearing

When you learn from a qualified drums teacher, you will learn the drums the correct way, and will not have to correct mistakes or deficiencies in your form down the road. A strong drumming foundation will also help you get your own percussion style to gain musical independence.



Rawk U School of Music offers drum lessons for adults as well as drum lessons for kids to help you learn up to any skill levels desired. Learn to play drums with a qualified drums teacher who will fit your love of music into your practice strategies during the drum lessons themselves. At Rawk U School of Music, the drum instructors teach budding drummers that they are the engine room of a band. The rhythmic backdrop of the band needs to be a really solid section of a band, and the more you learn to play drums and practice, the stronger your drumming will be.



Drum lessons for beginners last one half hour or a full hour, and will teach you how to learn drum beats and many other tricks of the trade. You will learn to play drums by studying the basics first. Once your drums tutor sees that the drum lessons are effective, drum lessons for kids in person or drum lessons online will commence. Drum lessons for adults usually start at a higher level with full songs that are enjoyed on a full drum set and can be worked up to advanced or intermediate levels. Our drum teachers will help you learn all the drum rudiments, technique, foundation, concepts, and skill to give you the confidence to be the drummer you aspire to be.




At Rawk U School of Music, both young children and adults alike can hone their interest in rock and roll by learning how to play a drum set. Our enthusiastic drum teachers will help you develop confidence and inspire creative percussion grooves and skills. Whether taking drum lessons in person, or drum lessons online, students will learn the basics of drum notation and drum beats to become a powerful percussion backdrop to a band. Rawk U School of Music understands how to teach someone to play drums effectively with the best drum lessons in the Plymouth Meeting, PA area. If you want to be the heartbeat of the band, Rawk U School of Music will teach you how to do it!

If you have any questions or need more info about any of our lessons call us today at (215) 844-7295 or email us at daniel@rawku.com.

About The City of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania


Plymouth Meeting lies in both Plymouth and Whitemarsh townships. Plymouth Meeting is home to the Plymouth Meeting Mall, which has AMC Theatres adjacent to it, as well as dining and entertainment spots.


Map of Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania


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