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No matter what your vocal aspirations are, Rawk U offers in person or online voice and singing instruction from qualified teachers to help you reach all your goals.
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Learn proper vocal training from voice teachers in Bryn Mawr, Ambler, Villanova, and the surrounding communities in the Pennsylvania area.

Although sometimes people only think of guitars and drums as instruments, your voice is an instrument that can also use some coaching, and singing lessons from a voice teacher would help you make the most of your talents. A vocal coach can help you learn the proper technique involved in singing, and can even offer voice lessons for actors if you so desire. Singing lessons at Rawk U School of Music teach more than just the traditional vocal exercises and other elements of vocal training and voice lessons in Ambler, PA. Of course you can learn singing, but you will also learn how confidence and preparation can help you as you begin your voice lessons and learn how to create the whole package and technique of a singer.


If you have an interest in singing, then investing in a quality voice teacher and singing lessons is a great idea. Sure, most people can belt out a song, but a vocal coach can teach you good habits from the beginning and help you to use your vocal cords correctly. Singing lessons for kids and singing lessons for adults offer you a vocal coach that can get you started down the road to success as the front person in a band. Rawk U School of Music offers voice lessons in the studio and voice lessons online which can help you learn singing in a hurry. Both venues allow you to hone your skills with proper vocal training and create a dynamic singing experience.



Believe it or not, voice lessons for kids will teach you much more than just how to sing. Besides the obvious singing techniques, Rawk U School of Music offers voice lessons that teach confidence and showmanship as well. Singing lessons for beginners will definitely teach the proper instruction needed to sing. They include:


● Proper warm-ups
● Breathing techniques
● Understanding rhythm
● Learning how to read music
● Understanding diction
● Creating vibrato


But beyond the physical techniques, singing lessons will teach your child moxie, the ability to be confident as they front a band. Voice lessons online and voice lessons in the studio at Rawk U School of Music will teach both the fundamentals of using your voice and also cultivating your musical personality as a singer.



Singing lessons for beginners and singing lessons for adults are both offered at Rawk U School of Music so you can learn singing in a comfortable, professional atmosphere with the quality support and instruction you need to reach your voice aspirations. A private voice lesson is also available if you prefer. These voice lessons will last either a half hour or an hour depending on your choice, and your vocal coach will offer you a lot of advice and instruction as you learn singing. Whether singing lessons for adults or singing lessons for kids, you will learn how to be confident and collected at the front of the band, learn how to warm up properly, and learn techniques and exercises to get the most from your vocal range. The Rawk U School of Music understands how to make the most of your natural abilities and then take you to the next level.

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Voice lessons from a dedicated and professional vocal coach like the voice teachers at Rawk U School of Music will do more than teach you a few singing techniques. The vocal coach will teach you how to take care of your voice in order to make the most of your singing abilities. Singing lessons will also give you the confidence you need to stand at the front of the band, as well as learn singing techniques you can use, so voice lessons for kids will actually help them in other aspects of their lives. Call Rawk U School of Music today to start singing lessons and watch your talents and confidence soar.

If you have any questions or need more info about any of our lessons call us today at (215) 844-7295 or email us at daniel@rawku.com.

About The City of Ambler, Pennsylvania


Ambler is a town that never rests, with events lining the borough streets throughout the year. From the ever-popular Arts & Music Festival to the exciting action of the Ambler Bike Race, there is always a reason to visit Ambler PA.

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