Beginner Vocal Mistakes We Can Teach You to Overcome with Vocal Lessons

Voice Lessons in Roxborough, PA

When beginning to learn how to sing properly there are many techniques that many are just not yet familiar with. Here we will cover some of these basics that we can teach you to overcome with voice lessons at Rawk U School of Music in Philadelphia, PA.


Breathing while singing is one of, if not the most important, technique to learn. At Rawk U School of Music we will train you in proper diaphragmatic breathing. Many have heard that phrase “use your diaphragm”, but here at Rawk U we can actually teach you how to do that and won’t assume you will understand that based on one simple phrase.

Warming Up

Like working out any part of your body, when you are exercising your voice it’s imperative to warm up properly. By warming up your voice, you are increasing blood flow and loosening the voice to allow you to reach your maximum vocal potential. If you have ever noticed some days, you can sing longer or higher than other days, you may not be properly warming up. We can fix that with our voice lessons here at Rawk U in Philadelphia, PA.

Voice Breaks

Beginners and experts alike experience voice breaks sometimes. One step you can take is being sure to complete your warmups as mentioned in the previous paragraph. On top of that, there are many other causes for voice cracks. You may need to perfect the control over your voice when holding extended notes. You may also be trying to go beyond your vocal range or simply straining your voice, which can be damaging to your vocal cords and need to be avoided. These are all mistakes we can identify in our vocal lessons.

Knowing Your Range

All of us have different ranges, which is why choirs have bass, tenor, alto, and soprano sections. Some of us have a smaller range of just one octave, while others may be able to span five or more octaves. Over time, and with professional vocal coaching, it is possible to expand your vocal range.


This one is very common and can only be solved with practice and experience. The hard part is often getting in front of people for the first time, and this can also contribute to voice breaks. Here at Rawk U you have a safe space to practice singing in front of a vocal coach.

Straining The Voice

Sometimes early on, straining the voice can be mistaken for projecting or belting. This is very dangerous as it can cause permanent damage to your vocal cords. At Rawk U School of Music in Philadelphia, PA we know when you may be harming your voice and want to teach you how to avoid it.

Ready To Master Your Instrument?

Singing lessons will give you the confidence you need to stand at the front of the band, as well as learn singing techniques you can use, so voice lessons will help you in other aspects of your life. Call Rawk U School of Music in Philadelphia, PA today to start singing lessons and watch your talents and confidence soar.

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