Dos and Don’ts of Learning a New Instrument with Music Lessons

Music Lessons in Philadelphia, PA

Learning a new instrument is no small feat. Musical instruments require dedication, coordination, and commitment in order to achieve your goals. It isn’t all hard work though – learning a new instrument or musical practice is as fun as it is challenging. In order to get the most out of your new musical skill, here are some dos and don’ts from Rawk U that may be beneficial to you.

Do Schedule Time For Practicing

Practicing your instrument is one of the most important steps for learning. You should spend a little time every day with your instrument and practicing any new techniques you may have learned. This will help you to develop muscle memory and become comfortable playing. Regular practice will also make it easier to remember what you are learning. In order to be sure you practice daily, schedule a small window of time for yourself to practice. In the morning, before dinner, or before going to bed are some good times for practice. Everyone has a different life and busy schedules, so knowing you have this time set aside can make practicing easier and less stressful rather than trying to find the time when you can.

Don’t Burn Yourself Out

If you feel you are dedicating too much time to practice and are feeling tired of playing or allowing other areas of your life to suffer it may lead to burn out. We think that a lot of practice is great and especially beneficial when you are first starting out, but learning a musical instrument is just like everything else in life and can cause burn out if you are pushing yourself too hard.

Do Talk to Your Instructor if There is Something You Don’t Understand

Your musical instructors are there to help you, especially if there is something you are struggling with. Don’t hesitate to talk to them and see if they have any tips or insight to get you through any obstacles you are facing. This is one of the big benefits to taking music lessons as opposed to learning on your own, so be sure to take full advantage of it.

Don’t Expect Perfection Right Away

Learning to play an instrument at an exceptional level is a long process. Many people give up because they expect too much of themselves and their progress. With practice and dedication you will be able to achieve your goals.

Do Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

Being realistic with your learning speed and your progress is so important. Encourage yourself by setting realistic goals that are challenging, but not impossible. 

Don’t Compare Your Progress to the Progress of Others

Everyone learns differently and comes into their musical journey with different experiences. Comparing yourself to other students can be really detrimental to your learning and should be avoided.

Do Play For Others When You are Comfortable Doing So

Playing for other people can really boost your confidence and  boost your motivation. When playing for people who already know how to play the instrument, it may also provide you with constructive feedback. It can be a little scary to play for others when you are new to your instrument but the experience you get from it is invaluable.

Don’t Be Hard On Yourself

Lastly, don’t be hard on yourself. Learning a new musical instrument is difficult, and you should always be proud of the progress you are making. It is easy to focus on mistakes and challenges and get discouraged, but everyone starts as a beginner and faces difficulties while learning.

If you are interested in music lessons, contact Rawk U. Our talented and experienced instructors will help you to achieve your goals and master your new musical skills. Call us today to schedule your first lesson.