How to Pick the Right Bass Guitar for Your Beginner Lesson

Bass Guitar Lesson

When you decide you want to play the bass guitar, oftentimes you have a certain make in mind. Sometimes playing with the most aesthetically pleasing bass guitar might not be beneficial for someone just starting out. What is most important when committing to a new instrument is to play something that you are comfortable playing with for long periods of time, as practice is essential for mastering your new musical skill. Being excited about your bass guitar is also an important motivator, but just know that if your dream bass guitar is a little too challenging for you to start off with, your comfortability will progress alongside your new skill. If you don’t already have access to a bass guitar and are looking to purchase one in order to start your bass guitar lessons, here are some things to consider before settling on just any old bass guitar.

Choose A Size and Shape That is Comfortable for You

Bass guitars come in all shapes and sizes. Some are going to be easier to learn on, depending on your hands, posture, and personal body type. People with larger hands may find it easier to play a guitar with a wider neck, while smaller handed players might choose a skinnier neck. The width of the guitar is also important and can make a difference depending on the length of your reach. No matter what size you are in need of, we believe there is a perfect bass guitar out there for everyone! If you have the chance to, try to spend some time playing the bass guitar before you invest in it so you can get a feel for it and see if it is the comfortable choice for you.

Scale Length

Scale length is a term that refers to the distance between the nut and the bridge of your bass guitar. This may sound like a more intermediate term, but it is probably something you will consider without even knowing it. Scale length makes a big difference for the playability of your bass guitar. The spacing between the frets will range base on scale length, so if you have smaller hands then it is important to go with a smaller scale length in order to avoid cramping and uncomfortability while playing. Scale length also affects the tension on the strings. This means that a shorter scale length will make the strings easier to bend and play than a bass guitar with a longer scale length.

Electric vs. Acoustic

This option may be a matter of preference, as you may not want to play your heavy metal music on an electric guitar, or may find that you like the way blues music sounds better on an acoustic bass guitar. It is important to keep this in mind if you plan on playing your first bass guitar for some time. Acoustic bass guitars tend to be a little wider than their electric counterparts, and this may make it difficult for some people to find a comfortable way to hold the guitar. It is also wise to note that you will need a bit more of an investment if you choose to work with an electric bass guitar first, as amps and cords are necessary to play the instrument at louder volumes.

Four, Five, or Six String Bass Guitar

The bass guitar can come in four, five, or six string models. Though it may seem logical to learn on the model with more strings, it is actually recommended to start with a four string guitar. This should not limit you too much as the four string is very versatile and used through all genres of music. 

Choose a Quality Brand

Though buying an off brand bass guitar may seem enticing, it may actually be better to start with a name brand guitar. Depending on the bass you choose it may be more expensive, but you will be more pleased with the quality of your bass guitar overall and will experience little to no technical issues, which cannot always be said for off brand bass guitars.

At the end of the day, what is most important is to find a bass guitar that you are comfortable with, and that will make you passionate about learning your new instrument. The key to becoming great at the bass guitar is a lot of practice, so be sure whatever you choose is something you can feel comfortable playing every day. If you are interested in learning how to play the bass guitar, contact us at Rawk U School of Music in Philadelphia today and schedule your first lesson.